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Cell Theory

The Cell Theory is a description of the similarities of cells and other living things. The inventors of cell theory are three German scientists by the names of Mattias Scheiden,Theodor Schwann,and also Rudolf Virchow. Cell theory was invented in 1853.

What Cell Theory Tells Us

There are three main points in cell theory. These three points are:

1.All living things are made up of cells.

2.Cells are the units of construction and they work in all living things.

3.All cells that are made are made from other cells. Cell theory is true for every single living thing. Scientists can study cells and other living things to find out more about growth and reproduction of living things because all living things are made of cells. image:typical_plant_cell2.jpg


Theodor Schwann


Rudolph Virchow


Matthias Schleiden

Creating Cell Theory

Scientist Matthias Schleiden discovered in 1838, that all plants have cells, which are called plant cells. Theodor Schwannn found that all animals are also made up of cells, which are called animal cells. These are two types of the many different kinds of cells. Rudolph Virchow discovered that all cells, no matter what kind of cell they are, are made up of other cells. These three scientists put their discoveries together and made part of what is now called cell theory.

The History of Cell Theory

The first parts of cell theory were discovered in 1838. In 1853, the whole cell theory was discovered. Between the three germen scientists Theodor Schwann , Rudolph Virchow , Matthias Schleiden : they all discovered at least one part of the theory.


cell parts


cell division


Prentice Hall-Science Explorer-Cells and Heredity



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