Electron microscopes

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Electron Microscopes

Electron microscopes are scientific devices that use a ray of highly active electrons. The electron microscope uses topography, morphology, composition, and crystallographic information.


can tell how an object looks, like its texture.

[2] Morpholgy..

shows the shape and size of the particles making up the object.


show the elements and compounds that the object is made up of and how much of them.

[4] Crystallographic Information..

tells how the atoms are arranged in the object.

How does the electron microscope work?

1. A beam of light strikes the object. The beam is formed by using positive electrical potential electrons.

2. The beam of light is cleared up and focused by metal apertures, or openings and magnetic lenses, turning into one, thin, focused beam.

3. The beam is then put onto the object using a magnetic lens.

4. Interactions happen inside the already exposed object, affecting the electron beam.





This was created by Adam Brockman and Andrea Dillman

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