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The GeekShowWiki

We will be posting more information later.

What is the GeekShow?

The GeekShow is hosted by Jim Peterson and Josh Halls and gives updates to current going-ons with Technology in District87. They also have contests, give prizes, has hosts, and is all-around a way to have fun while getting information out to the public. The GeekShow is edited by Chris Holt (he does all those cool special effects) and is created using green screen technology. It is just one of the many uses of the Studio at Bloomington High School.


Episodes are currently here

Tips and Tricks

This section will cover tips and tricks covered in the GeekShow, such as how to reduce Spam, how to conserve energy, the best method to do x and other such things that are talked about.


  • SPAM is a nuisance to all of us, and because of that we have decided to post so important information about how steel yourself against Spammers and SpamBots.
  • Don't put your e-mail up on a website. ANY Website. If you must post an address post it as something such as geekshowrocks at district87 dot org or any other way that breaks up the e-mail address so bots don't recognize it as such.
  • If you wish to sign up for things on websites create a separate address that you don't use (on yahoo, hotmail, etc) and use that e-mail to sign up for things. This does not cut down on Spam, however you won’t be seeing it.
  • Spam costs money. Besides the nuisance of seeing it, it hogs bandwidth and clogs servers. As Brian Adams said in Episode 1.3, servers break under the stress of Spam and so they must be fixed and purchased new.
  • Some Spam is semi-legitimate looking, called Spoof-mail. This is sent out by legitimate looking e-mail addresses, such as another teacher's address, however it is Spam.
  • We will eventually have a spam filter dedicated to sorting this problem out, though it will never completely go away. Good luck out there.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1.1 (The Spooktacular Debut)

Summary: Spooktacular was an introduction to the GeekShow and the first episode released. It covered Sharepoint and the SelfHelp Section. In the second segment of the show, they covered Photostory. Training: In the last segment of the show, guidelines were established for training. One must obtain a group of 5 or more and send an e-mail to the Technology Department and a time and date will be setup.


Create a 10 slide photostory with music, text, etc. with a halloween theme.


A DJ Ditty (MP3 player).

The Sponsors

GeekShow1.png GeekShow2.png

Episode 1.2 (Gobble.. Gobble)

Thanksgiving Episode. They talk about the maintance window and show off the photostories. Extra copies of Microsoft Money was given away along with the DJ Ditty. 5 people from Bent Elementery got together for training for microsoft encorder to translate books from engish and encode them into spanish.


SRI Search
Microsoft Communicator
United Streaming


Use United Streaming in a "neat" way. Create a quiz using a United Streaming Video (using Teacher's Resources) on any topic.


Anyone who submits gets Office 2003 StepByStep book
Microsoft Money 2006 (first 10 people who submit)
Fuzzy Penguin Speakers (Grand Prize)

The Sponsors


Episode 1.3 (Holiday Spam)

Christmas edition! This is considered the "Special Spam Episode".


  • The Einstein Hotline
  • Birthday Segments
    • Dr. Neilson is 37!!
  • Catchline Segment
    • We need a catchline for the GeekShow!
    • Must be Original
  • SPAM!!!!
    • 9 out of 10 e-mails are Spam.
    • 50,000 messages a day. 90% of that is Spam
    • WorldWide Epidemic

Special Guest: Brian Adams & SpamMan!

THE CHALLENGE: Invite the Hosts to a school-related holiday party or enter into a Training session

THE PRIZE: Gateway Tablet PC

Digita Video Camera

The Sponsors

#FF33CC and the Letter S

GeekShow6.png GeekShow5.png GeekShow3.png

Episode 1.4 (New Year)

The New year Episode! Josh gets dressed up as a Christmas Tree Pope. This is a jam-packed episode, so this summary will be very long. New Years Resolutions! : Josh: Never wear lights again Jim: Start running again.

Ongoing Tablet/Camera Challenge

  • Schools who Entered Last week's challenge:
Oakland Stevenson Washington
  • NOTE: Technology People don't wake up before 6am. We usually go to bed around 4am, anyway.
  • Josh went to Oakland as SPAM-MAN Pictures will be released at a later date.
  • The Challenge is ongoing through 31st.

Continuing Challenge:

Enter a Training Staff update or a Project


  • Two Tablets
  • Two Cameras
  • Two Tripods

Leave a message on the Ernestine Hotline and you can receive **Student 2006**

Part II: "The Serious Segment"


Letter W

Number 409 (Poor Josh)

SPAM Update:

We don't have the hardware needed for a Permanent SPAM solution. (ETA Jan 17th 07)

Stop Gap Measure:

  • Variety of products
  • Spam Assassin
  • Client Based through outlook
  • Will not work with OOA (Web-based mail client)
  • E-mail is number one application and priority


  • Very slow process because of the slow net connection.
  • Will now run inside the datacenter
  • Not webbased anymore
  • sharepoint ---> AVC ---> Keytrain installer

Folder Permissions (All the Mac's fault) Repermissioning folders, all staff members should be good. Generic Folders might need to be rechecked.

Digital Video Recorder (DVRs) Cleaned up DVRs, backups, etc. for security system

Student Permissions for Webs E-mail Jim if problems come up Helpdesk

Elementaries Wireless Access was updated Changes in MediaCenter computers.

SIT (Students Involved with Technology)

  • Conference for kids by kids (Grades 3-12)
  • Feb 10th 2007 @ New Heartland Campus
  • 20 minute presentations
  • Keynote speakers.
  • Fashioned after a real conference for adults
  • LOTS of prizes!
  • Lunch is provided
  • Special Guests: The Gamma Phi Circus
  • BIG Prize: PS3
  • The SIT Website
  • Deadline for Registration has been extended!!!! Visit for details


  • Andrew Brittin has been adding to the Wiki
  • Helpdesk pages have been moved to the Wiki
  • Geekshow Wiki (you are here.)
  • A wiki is a collaborative tool for sharing information
  • We have revision control for important content.
  • More will be covered in next episode
  • We use the same software as
  • You must login to make changes the Wiki using your district login.
  • If you want pictures to show up, post them on an external site and link to them.

Episode 1.5 Groundhog Day!

Wow, if you want to see TechGeeks going Crazy watch the beginning of this one.

  • Groundhog didn't see his shadow! So sad.
  • Sponsor:
    • Word "Vista".
    • "iPhone" (not, really officially.)

Filled with kids activities and whatnot

    • BENT Elementary
    • SHERIDAN Elementary
  • ICE Conference, March 1st and 2nd
    • 28 Teachers Attending
    • 2 From every elementary
    • 14 From BHS and BJHS

--More coming soon—

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