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GreenScreen Studio

What is the GreenScreen Studio?

 :The GreenScreen (known in television as chroma key) is a term for the filmmaking technique of using an evenly-lit monochromatic background for the purpose of replacing it with a different image or scene. The term also refers to the visual effect resulting from this technique as well as the colored screen itself. -Wikipedia

GreenScreen Studio Within the District

Schools within District87 can purchase greenscreen studio packages from the Technology Department. The GreenScreen Studio at

the High School is the standard for all other GreenScreen Studios. These greenscreens enable special class projects for students and the ability to get information out to the public in a whole new way for Administration, Teachers, and Departments. The GreenScreen Studio is responsible for the creation of The GeekShow, and many students have already created projects using the GreenScreen.

Chris Holt, Jim Peterson, Andrew Brittin and Josh Halls are all trained on the usage of the GreenScreen. Also, select High School students have been trained to help with the workload of projects.
For Post-Effects the TechDept recommends using WindowsMovieMaker.

The GreenScreen is available only by appointment!

  • E-mail greenscreen to setup an appointment
    • You must have your script typed and your background pictures ready. Send both as an attachment to the e-mail above. No Script. No recording.
    • We do have a database of pictures, but to save time, please have your pictures before hand.
    • Please practice and know what each person is going to do. Most practiced skits take between 1-3 takes. Most unpracticed skits take 4-10 takes.
      • A one minute practiced skit will take aprox 5-6 minutes to record, depending on takes, props, etc.
      • A one minute unpracticed skit will take aprox 10-20 minutes to record.
    • There are other people always needing to use the Studio, so please be prepared!

Sample Projects

  • Of course, the GeekShow
  • Links to projects will be provided in the future. We are currently building our portfolio of projects

Pictures of the Studio



The Canon GL2 video camera is used to capture video This is the mixer and feedback destroyer used
on the computer to control everything audio related.


We use two monitors so people on stage Whiteboard. Used for writing down ideas related to the
and the director can both see the script film segment.
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